Saturday, February 4, 2012


Let me say, I loved the idea of blogging a review --on Monday. Throughout my week I had a ton of inspiration for this post, everything from the mundane review of local eateries to the more obscure, "review of appropriate bathroom etiquette" crossed my mind. As my week is winding down I find myself with a dear friend hounding me to blog something and post it to GBE 2 before the deadline..I  also find myself pooped and no longer jazzed about writing anything. But then it happens.......said dear friend (doing the hounding) opens her mouth and lets a "frizzyism" fly and I am immediately struck with inspiration to write a review of, you guested it, "frizzyisms."

Let me explain, "frizzyisms," which I will not longer mark with quotations because after this blog it will be an adopted part of speech (my speech anyway). Such is the nature of words, they are created to explain phenomena and are purposed once they are necessary. No one knew what to call hip hop unit the 1980's, or  flip flopping before Gore, and I never knew I needed frizzyisms until I met my dear friend Frizzy.

Frizzyisms (adj) - a. observations made verbal with sincere and honest candor; often erupting from the speaker without thought or effort [made popular by Frizzy (1971-present), 21st century African American female genius who often provides unsolicited insight on popular culture]. b. superfluous chatter best housed within ones interior monologue. c. Cerebral whit.

Now that you understand Frizzyisms, let me give a review of my FAVORITE, "Frizzyisms" (from today)

note: don't read if you get offended easily:

1.) While watching a Bollywood film: " I love Bollywood films they have so much energy, and Indian men have the best noses."

2.) When discussing my desire to organize an auxiliary group for young black inner-city girls with my sorority sisters: "Have you ever considered approaching the parents of young black girls in suburban school districts? You should, because black parents in the suburbs want to get their kids in organizations just like their poor cousins in the hood. Best yet, they will pay for the experiences that they don't have time to give their children."

3.) When discussing a co-worker who was not returning her calls for weeks because she was on leave for treatment of cancer: "Wow that is sad, but she is going to have that for a while so can't they get somebody to answer her phone?"

4.) When she didn't know that I hadn't hung up when I told her I had to let her go to write this blog after being hounded to do so: (in a low mutter) "Jerk."

5.) When I discussed that we should watch the movie "Diary of Tired Black Man" on Netflix: "Is he really tired?"

6.) When discussing Chinese movies: "I don't like Chinese movies, someone always has to die at the end. Now the Koreans they get it right ... I am crying while I am reading the subtitles."

7.) When I asked her if she knew how to swim: "Yes, I know how. But it take to much effort and I don't like my body. When I get it together I will buy a swimsuit and then think about it."

gan bei to frizzyism and long live my blogging inspiration, Frizzy!


  1. Love this! What great frizzyisms. I'll have to put that word in my vocabulary too (especially since I have frizzy hair).

  2. WOW this is an awesome word FRIZZygasms...LOL oops

  3. Your friend Frizzy really is brilliant Well, maybe a tad shy of brilliant since she didn't know enough to wait for you to hand up before calling you a jerk. :OD

    I'm so glad she talked you into joining the GBE--she's one of my favorites (sshhh, don't tell the others...).

  4. Brenda, I love FRIZZYgasms ... I see a future post.

    Elaine, thanks for reading and adding the word to your vocab.

    WordNerd, her head is swelling already so not a change that I would tell her.