Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh just apologize already....

I find it ironic that Jay Z publishes a song about how tragic it was to have a miscarriage, when he and his diva wife take over an entire floor of a hospital, reportedly restricting access to a parent of twin premature babies being cared for at the hospital. I guess empathy ends at the end of the Carters' own personal tragedies? 

Let me just say...

Although, I have never parented a premature child, I am sensitive to the emotional and physical demands of having premature babies having seen several mother go through the experience. Often these parents are discharged from the hospital (because of insurance limitation) without babies. If that is not a complete killjoy; they then spend, days, week, and often months recovering physically from labor, traveling anxiously to-and-from the hospital, and on pins and needles at every phone call.

Even if these weren't the parents of premature children -- there is something drastically wrong with the above the law, diva-inspired, and completely narcissistic behaviors of both the hospital and the Carters.  So I say to big nose and the diva, who covered up cameras so no one would see baby Blue (or more likely, not see the diva without her wig);  "issue an apology to the parents who were restricted from seeing their sick children while you decorated an entire hospital wing in honor of your healthy child!"   It is the human thing to do. 


  1. I am going to name my first kid Pink Shrubbery and let people believe whatever nonsense they want about his birth.

  2. mine... Yellow Submarine and I am opting for a water birth!