Thursday, April 9, 2015

Its been a long while since I left a fresh beat to step to....

Its been a while since I last entered anything into the blogasphere. 

Quickly.... since that time ... I've aged, gained a few pounds (I include in that calculation my 200lb husband and 20lb 7 month old), become a reluctant landlord thanks to the housing market collapse, moved to a new city, paid off a car, desired a minivan (for ease of car-seating said kid mentioned above), settled into a new job, made a few lucky but good career moves, as a result made less than optimal progress on a dissertation, worried above said progress, changed topics twice, finally settled into a topic to play catch up and last minute "get er done", purchased a home, learned the game of craps, and joined pinterest and groupon(yes these activities are noteworthy). 

Here is what I have learned since my last entry in high level bullet points:

1. marriage is more work than any rational person would agree to if they had all the facts before they said "I Do."  

this leads me to number two...

2. people who practice polygamy are either profoundly intelligent or extremely ignorant  ...I wrestle with this often in the shower when I am cooling off from a lovers quarrel.... Really, would things be better if Idris Elba were in the shower with me or would they be worse? Would he be helpful to the little village of us, bringing a fresh "swag" for me to run to when my "main" is acting up or would he be like a twist on a Biggie lyric ... "the more [men] we come across the more problems we see"  I just don't know..............

3. References to Biggie, once an icon of my 20's, now date me. Such quotes qualify for TBT on Facebook which is apparently something you must do when you cross over into your late 30's and early 40's .... the "throw back" is real.

4. Motherhood is the single most courageous thing a person can do .. to have your hopes and dreams wrapped up in another person so completely, and to trust the world you are simultaneously preparing and preparing your children for, takes courage and strength of heart............

5. If you have made it to 40 without counseling or the serious need of counseling you are likely a zomby walking dead and you were bitten before age 30, having children, middle age anxiety, aging parent stress, or marriage.................  

6. it is true if you love your career you won't work a day in your life  

7. Oprah defined happiness well...happiness is the joy we feel striving towards our potential... what we have to reconcile often is our potential and our perception of barriers in our current situation or station. Though arguably with her money everyone would have a lot more potential joy :) 

8. Laziness is the habit of quitting before you are tired. 

9. Parents are some of the truest friends you'll ever have 

10. Life is wonderfully complex but to not enjoy it is a shame. 

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