Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inspiration Just in Time for Lent....

Ah, Ash Wednesday! This marks the oversimplified time of "sacrifice" by many followers and non-followers of the catholic church who in seemingly sincere parody embark on 40 day of "giving up" something frivolous like carbonated soda or swearing in homage to Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness before public ministry. Sorrowfully many people miss the original intent of reflection, prayer, alms giving (i.e. disposing of some material wealth), and taking on the Ministry of Christ. I guess giving up soda is easier than ministering to anyone! Happy Lent.

Here is a little of my own reflection...

I must admit, one thing I desire to change in myself is the comfort with which I can start a project and as quickly as I began it, leave it alone. Granted there are some things so critically important in my life that I don't "skimp" or duck out of them i.e. my education, my career, washing my hands while I sing the birthday song twice, maintaining natural hair, and needed home repairs that if not tended to might end with the mail lady falling through the front porch (and yes, a US postal carrier did fall through a porch to her death today). But other things like dating and dieting are often "projects" for the discard pile. Began .. and quickly abandon.

Yes, I consider dating a project and all at once a chore. Think back to the last time you had cheese on a lactose intolerant stomach during a date, or held your tongue as he "forgot" to leave a tip, or glossed over that fact that he said "pacific" instead of "specific" and you'll know exactly why I consider dating a "project" or chore.

Dieting is another entirely torturous project. I am of the belief that diets should have their own alert system, much like the Department of Homeland Securities' terrorism notification system.

Punitive diets like the cabbage soup diet and the lemon cayenne pepper diet could be ranked Severe (red), and The Cookie Diet could be green. You might even be able to supplant the words "risk of terrorist attacks" in the graphic with "risk of pooping on yourself while sneezing".

I think with both dieting and dating my tendency to not follow through on them is less about my willpower and more about my inability to see their immediate benefit. Both dieting and dating are rather non-orgasmic in the onset.

A'last my long term goals dictate that I have to make some immediate changes in these area. While the benefits might not be "readily" identifiable ... long term goals like children and not testing three times a day dictate I have to take a more active and committed approach to dating and dieting?

But where can I draw inspiration to stick to dating consistently and a diet and exercise regime? Riddle me that web-gods?

Luckily, I have solved on side of this quandary. Admittedly the simpler side... dieting!

On a recent trip to the mall, I stumbled upon a charity group offering used formal wear for sale. I wasn't impressed - prom is a distant memory and non-commitment to the 'dating thing' means my solo trips to the symphony don't require a little black dress and waxed legs. But as I sat their(eating) the dj officiating the sale from the center of the food court drew my attention when he announced "everything now $1.00".

Exit stage left! I snatched a gently used size 12 summer dress from over the shoulder of an elderly woman who was unaware of my cat like reflexes and I made no apology for nearly knocking her wig off. She gets a senior buckeye discount at Cracker Barrell, I get a dress - in the end I think we are even.

I snatched a few more finds before exiting the sale. Back at the table where I had left my food, I discussed with my friends the $5's worth of goodies in my brown bag. Then I looked back at the racks, bear hangers swinging, wracks full 15 minutes before now scantly clad - and I saw it! My $1.00 inspiration. A vintage 1950, green satin, frock with a ruffled collar. It screamed "Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Vintage-So-Ugly-Its-Too-Darn-Cute-To-Be-Left-Behind-Because-Few-Can-Pull-This-Off-And-You-Are-One-Of-Them!"

I raced back to the rack, hugged my dream dress, handed one dollar to the volunteer and miraculously I had found my inspiration for a daily instead of twice times weekly work out routine, a low carb diet!

Three days in, all water, beating the snot out of the elliptical and on my way to a size 8!

Wish me Luck!

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